46% OF ONLINE USERS COUNT ON SOCIAL MEDIA WHEN MAKING A PURCHASE DECISION. Social media marketing is essential but not a cake walk. You need to be patient with your social medial platform’s performance. You must utilize the power of social media as this is increasingly getting more shares in advertising budgets of the companies across the world. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google Plus, all of these are bridging gaps between brands and customers. The fact that almost 100% of your target audience is on social media platforms make it even more potent to use social media marketing for your brand. If you are looking for best SMO Company in Delhi then Knotsdesign can help you.

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No one can deny the role of social media platform for success of any business. are a social media marketing company and we have seen growing interest and involvement of businesses across industries in joining social media platforms to reach closer to their audience. We have a team of social media experts who knows what it takes to engage the audience on social media platform. We devise a wholesome strategy for the brand then we make sub-strategy for different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. We have social media packages for three month, six month and for a year and more. Our experience is that Social media marketing takes time and consistent effort to achieve more organic likes and engagements. So, we put the content, image, video, keyword and hashtags that are targeted directly to the audience company or brand is looking to reach. Advertising brings results in time bound manner but it has to be designed and managed well else return on investment will be disappointing. We achieve advertising results on regular basis. We do the campaign management, analysis and report submission against set or changing metrics.



Competitor Analysis

We start the project with Competitor analysis. What the best in the industries are doing on social media. This is important to know what is common in the industry and what is not. Also it allows us to set our objectives right in place in the beginning itself. Once we have gone through the competitor analysis we are at comfortable position to start the journey of social media marketing for our client.

Customized strategy

Social media marketing is a funny game. You cannot just fix a strategy and rest assured of results. This is why we make customized strategy for each of our client. Social media promotion has to go with the philosophy of the brand. Each part of promotion like content, graphic, keyword and more has to be in sync with the brand personality. We keep this in mind and then prepare a customized strategy for the social media marketing project.

Social asset development

Social media platforms are different in the format they operate and also the way they allow you to connect to your audience. Video ranks higher on Facebook and YouTube while Twitter allows you short message with images. Pinterest is more about photographs and info graphics. In order to send the message across on social media channels we create right social assets. They are in the form of text files, videos, images, graphics and audio files. We create social assets in such a way that it suits the company and the social media channel they use to gather maximum success.

Social advertising and monitoring

Advertising and monitoring is another essential part of social media marketing strategy. Before and during a new launch, an event, displays and so on we prepare a strategic advertising plan and budget to get the maximum likes, engagements and viewership. Monitoring an advertising activity is as important as planning it. We do it on real time basis and if any deviation is found then we take corrective steps.

Campaign Management

Social media campaign is different from daily activities. It is a focused and coordinated marketing effort to achieve or reinforce a business goal using one or more social media platform. We do the focused, targeted and measurable campaign management for our clients. Objective of the campaign can be different. For example it can aim to get feedback from users, increase website traffic, driving sales directly and so on. So, once we set the objective then we set the target and budget. Accordingly we create and manage the campaign.

Analysis and reporting

We focus on analyzing each aspect of Social media marketing. This includes platform specific analysis, content analysis, advertising analysis and results analysis. We create metrics against which we can check the percentage of success we have got on monthly basis. Social media success takes time and consistent effort. This is why we take care of monthly reporting where we have achieved almost 100% success against set goals. We do the monthly submission of reports for all social media platform to the clients.

Get your brand going on Social Media platforms with us.

We offer good return on investment when it comes to social media marketing for a customer. We offer result driven social media marketing strategy and other digital marketing solutions. We have specialization and proven track record social media marketing projects. We put great effort to understand our clients, their brand philosophy and their vision and become instrumental in creating beautiful works for them. Our clients come from different industries like travel, retail, real estate, creative professionals etc. For your requirement of social media marketing company in Delhi and NCR you can get in touch with us now.

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