43% OF ALL ON-LINE PROMOTION DOLLARS ARE INVESTED IN SEARCH ADVERTISING. Pay Per Click is the best tool to generate sales if applied properly. It is highly cost effective. You can set a daily and monthly budget which will bring your prospective buyers to your website and this will increase your sales. Through PPC you can reach directly to your customers. You simply pay a sum as part of your advertising to different search engines like Google and Yahoo for every click or visitor that you get. We are the best PPC management company in South Delhi working for businesses from different industries.

We are a PPC company in India making

successful campaign for our client

Pay per click is the most used online advertising tool to generate targeted sales. But as simple as it sounds, the actual situation is not so. Many businesses get disappointed after spending a huge sum of money because they don’t get desired return on investment. So, you need expert to do this job. We have a team of qualified experts who understand every detail of PPC. We have worked for different companies and achieved the great return on investment for them. If you are looking for best Pay Per Click Management Company in South Delhi then you can contact us for your PPC requirement. We create best landing page followed by in depth key word research. We provide Competitor Analysis, Campaign Creation, Creative ad copy preparation, remarketing and ad display and continuous monitoring with monthly reporting. We are expert of the game and deliver the result for our clients.



Landing Page Development

When someone clicks on your Google ad link, the user will be redirected to your website. However landing to your website have low rates of visitors converts. So the user should be redirected to a specific designed page to raise the probability of visitor turning into a lead. We create landing web page which are visually appealing, intuitive and easy to navigate that the user is unable to leave the page and responds to your call to action. We have a team of designer and marketing who do the job of creating best landing page for our clients. We have created landing pages which meets the objective of a PPC campaign. We provide Landing Page design and optimization services in Delhi & NCR.

In depth keyword research

No PPC campaign can be successful without an in depth keyword research. You invest your hard earned money and you want best possible return on it. We understand this and so we choose the best keyword after research to bid on which have greater potential to result in clicks and conversions. We use the best tools to understand to understand your customers and what they type into the search box. We ensure that your ads show up at the appropriate time and place.

Competitor Analysis

We do competitor analysis in detail. What terms they are using who offer similar products and services to yours. You may not need to use the same to counter competition. Also it is not always required to spend too much time in analyzing the competitor. You can focus on your PPC campaign optimization. We review the auction insights to determine degree of competition with you for the same keyword. We make sure that we adapt the best strategy which is most suitable for your company and brand.

Campaign Creation

A good PPC campaign is one which is unique, logical, organized, structured, and comprehensive, keyword specific and ongoing managed and maintained. We do all this while doing Campaign creation service for our clients. We do it smart way. You can focus on your business and customers while we share the digital work of maximizing the result of PPC which would generate business and customers for your company. We create AdWords account, Ad campaign, Ad group and Key words text landing page.

Creative Ad-copy preparation

Writing a Creative Ad copy is not easy. But we know the rule of the game. We prepare ad copy for your PPC that comes after your real competitor research and identifying your differentiating characteristics. We create copy which makes your brand stand out. Your copy should tell your searcher why your product or deal is better than competition. We achieve this consistently followed by writing a killer call to action. After the Ad copy text and call to action we throw in an ad extension to pump up your ad.

Re-marketing and display ad

Google Adwords remarketing is a superb form of online marketing. This enables websites to show your ads to those who have already visited those websites. Those visitors will see your ads when they browse the web, reading news sites or watching videos on YouTube. We use the tool and code to do the remarketing activity. Displaying your ad on Google has huge advantage as your ad appears on more than 2 million websites and in more than 6,00,000 apps. We target your ad display to show up where your audience is.

Monitoring and Reporting

We achieve the objectives of your PPC campaign at all levels. This is ensured by monitoring with different PPC metrics. Some of the key metrics to monitor your PPC are quality score, click through rate, average position, conversion rate, devices, first page, top page and first position bid, bounce rates, Gmail ad metrics and lead quality. Then we submit the report to our clients on regular basis. We also send report if our client require mid-month or mid-week report for review.

You expect maximum return on your PPC, we deliver it to you

You will get best PPC package from us. We are a leading PPC advertising company in Delhi & NCR. You can get in touch with us to avail best Pay per Click services in New Delhi. We do thorough research and analysis for our clients. You should choose a company like ours that offer professional PPC services and also generate maximum return on your investment.

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