A customized software or web application can positively impact the ROI of your company. Those days are gone when we could rely on spreadsheet or handbook, now we require well customized application to serve our customers better. Through web based applications or software, you can manage critical work from anywhere in the world. At Knots, we offer highly effective and user-friendly Software and web application for different industries. We work on the latest technologies like Laravel, Codeigniter, Angular etc. to deliver the best at affordable cost. If you are looking for reliable software and web application development companies in Delhi, get in touch with us now.

A Software and web application service provider,

meeting the needs of new and established businesses

The work of software or web application development is complex and demands expertise and utmost dedication. Our experts work on every stage of the development with passion and attention to develop a robust product for you. We do in-depth analysis of client’s requirement and then make a project plan and then follow up with designing, developing and testing. For us small is big and we completely focus on small size companies to meet their requirements. We are exclusively expert in building CRM software for different industries.

We are committed towards good work ethics and continuous support to our clients. There are many software development companies in Delhi and NCR region but with us you can expect timely and affordable solution. If you want to see our present work or want to discuss your project, feel free to contact us.



Fully Customized

The requirement of every customer is different and we understand that fully well. Our experts are capable to build an application from scratch as per your need. We help you to achieve more by developing a product according to your strategies and business goal. Use the software which is built exclusively for you to experience the difference.


We make sure our products work seamlessly in different platforms and devices. We develop fully responsive and compatible software to give best user experience. Now your software won’t look boring and messy, with us you will get beautifully designed interface and layout. You can use your software also on mobile without any problem.


The cost involved on implementing any software or application is very high especially for a small organization. Therefore we emphasize on creating affordable solution for our clients. We have different pricing strategies to suit our client’s budget. With our expertise and commitment, you can always expect the best value for money.

Best customer support

We just do not develop software for you, we offer you dedicated and reliable customer support with our products. You will get remote and online support for our software and application in time bound manner. We also provide complete product training unless you are fully prepared to use it. Connect with our support by email or phone from anywhere.

Assured Quality

We use all the latest technology so that you get the best in the market. We ensure that our codes meet the highest standard and best practices always. At every stage of the development, our team check the quality and security standard and after that a thorough product testing is done to deliver a high quality software or application.

Cloud based applications

Now you do not need to be in office to check any report or data in the software. You can access your software anytime and from anywhere in the world. Our cloud based solution is compatible with different software hosting company. We can also provide you full hosting support with our software and application.

Get a technically sound and cost effective software and application from us NOW

Let’s partner with us for reliable and affordable software and application development services in Delhi. We assure you 100% satisfaction with our work at the same time we are always friendly and fun to work with. If you want to discuss your project with us in details, call us at 08800444511 or write to knotsinfo@gmail.com

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